Milestones For Young Adults

Transition to Independent Living
Life Coaches
Milestones For Young Adults Curriculum
Milestones curriculum integrates development of life management,
emotional growth, career and academic skills. Each participant has
a mentor/life coach to provide support. Together they develop an
optimized plan that meets the participants needs, and the families
requests, within the parameters of the program. To assist in
developing a personal plan, Milestones offers a variety of assesment
and career counseling components. The goals and objectives of the
plan define the experiences the paticipant will pursue and provide
the support he or she needs to become successful.
Emotional Growth
At the heart of Milestones is a time tested and improved upon emotional growth curriculum
that works and can benefit the entire family, not just the students.
Designed specifically for young adults who are voluntarily participating in the program.
The workshops and discussions build upon strengths and increase self awareness. Weekly
open forum discussions give participants a safe place to grapple with challenges of independant
living and celebrate each others successes.
Workshops teach time tested tools for recognizing patterns and making positive choices.
They help young adults explore and expand options and provide strategies for living life
more abundantly and joyfully while still being successful.
To develop the foundation for the skills neccessary for successful independent living, Milestones
participants agree to follow the community agreements and pursue a course of study including
seminars on:
Academic Success
Career Planning
Job Search
Time and Money Management
Job Application and Interviewing
Business Computer Skills
Employment Skills
Personal Safety
Health standards
Menu Planning
Every participant is offered a membership to a local gym for recreational use as well as a positive,
healthy environment to fill their lives with activities and to meet new circles of friends. Healthy
activities for young adults will help create a healthy lifestyle, positive out-look and attitude that
could help influence the rest of their lives.